Blassreiter - Genetic

Blassreiter - Genetic
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Nội dung

A newly ordained priest named Theo Camming visits a rural town somewhere in Germany. However, his congregation gets attacked by Demoniacs and some of them had been in his own congregation.

After being wounded, a female Blassreiter fighter arrives to save him and the rest of the village. However, she finds out that the priest was about to die.

Danh sách chương
Tên chương Ngày cập nhật Lượt xem
Chapter 5 17/03/15 3.134
Chapter 4 17/03/15 3.455
Chapter 3 17/03/15 3.104
Chapter 2 17/03/15 3.077
Chapter 1 17/03/15 3.103
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