Hidarite No Love Letter

Hidarite No Love Letter

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"The person I like sits next to me. I don't have the courage to start a conversation with him, but I wonder if he'll notice the message I secretly wrote for him on my left hand." Nishino has been sitting next to the most popular guy in her class, Minami Taiga. Nishino loves Minami, for the main reason that Nishino has always been ignored or made-fun of by her classmates except for Minami. One day, Minami notices the messages that Nishino has been writing on her left hand, which kindles a new connection between them.

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AuthorTrả lời
miku 22:27 16/03Chapter 1Báo vi phạm
AuthorTrả lời
Lovely 12:31 14/03Chapter 3Báo vi phạm
Đúng the loai mik thich
AuthorTrả lời
Lovely 12:27 14/03Chapter 2Báo vi phạm
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