Neck And Neck

Neck And Neck
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Dabin Choi is the daughter of Seoul\'s most powerful crime boss, and daddy\'s little girl has the hots for Eugene, the son of one of her father\'s \'friends\'.
There\'s just one problem: Eugene isn\'t into Dabin. In fact, he thinks of her more like a little sister. (The kiss of death!) To make matters worse, Dabin\'s new classmate is none other than the son of her father\'s long-time rival. Soon, everyone at school begins playing power games that would make their fathers proud!

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Chapter 8 18/03/15 3.111
Chapter 7 18/03/15 3.078
Chapter 6 18/03/15 3.086
Chapter 5 18/03/15 3.069
Chapter 4 18/03/15 3.066
Chapter 3 18/03/15 3.072
Chapter 2 18/03/15 3.094
Chapter 1 18/03/15 3.191
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